Crafted By Society EP

by Brought By Pain

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released December 9, 2016

Music by Olivier Bourbonnais-Allaire and Brought by Pain
Lyrics by Samuel Ouimet

Olivier Bourbonnais-Allaire : 7 String Guitars
Kevin Chartré (Beyond Creation, Unhuman) : 8 String Guitars
Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation, Equipoise, The Conflux Collective) : 6 String Fretless Bass
Guyot Bégin-Benoît (Ex-Beyond Creation, Voidmask, Equipoise) : Drums
Samuel Ouimet (Ex-Crimson Skull) : Vocals

Recording by The Grid (Marc-Olivier Frechette and Christian Donaldson) and Hugo Doyon-Karout

Mixing and mastering by Christian Donaldson

Artwork by Soul Asphyx Arts



all rights reserved


Brought By Pain Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Ending

From the day of birth
Even before
For an unaware moment
Or a desired time she waits

Draped in fear and sadness
Lurking all over us

It may come to you that she cannot
Strike yet
Or to forget about it
But one day she’ll ring the bell

Heat cold hunger sickness
Everything can please her needs
Unawareness her favorite
Tragedy her mastery

Lurking all over us

Devastating all around
Especially what’s left behind

Devastating all around
She shall come from behind

Unable to move restricted to your only thoughts
You shall wait , wait patiently
For the moment she comes
Cold and slow

A choice you won’t have
For common reason denies it
Dead eyes to the wall
You’ll wait

A choice you won’t have
For every breath
End is Closer

For as long as it breathes
It shall be to one’s mind
That life can end in seconds
In a flash all will end

Heat cold hunger sickness
Everything can please her needs
Unawareness her favorite
Tragedy her mastery
Track Name: Crafted By Society
Crafted By Society

[Solo Hugo]

Born as a neutral being
Only flesh and blood
No knowledge or thoughts
Learning to do good or wrong
Yet waiting to be built
Waiting to be built

Crafting minds to conform
With others
Who shapes it good

Construction of the mind
One layer after the other
One will surely learn to think

Independently of it’s will

Everything is done quick
And for a long time
What people like to call
Society is not to blame

One mind is not for sale
It is made to be changed with words

[Solo Kevin]

[Solo Olivier]

Slowly but surely
Children will shape up their minds
From neutral will become themselves
Then others

Crafted by society
Shaped by your surroundings
Built from flesh and bones
Built from mind and thoughts
Track Name: Broadcast

Juste en allumant on le remarque
Vérité clamée au nom de l’image
Vérité clamée au nom du nom

Associations répétées pour bien rentrer
Mais de toute façon c’est vide
L’opinion est partie se coucher
Avec l’analyse

Mourir dans leur sommeil
Sa faisait tellement longtemps
Qu’ils dormaient les pauvres

Servir des intérêts
Faire couler l’id ée
Ou la doctrine

Sur une immense lignée de rondeur vide
Un jour ils vont se remplir
Mais de quoi
D’une chose qui aura été forcé de toute façon

On verra ce que ça va donner
De se battre devant tout le monde

Quelle belle gâterie
Pour un peuple
Que de lui donner

Montrez-leur ce qu’ils veulent voir
Ce qu’ils pensent déjà
Et qui d’autre que vous
Pour les gaver

[Solo Kevin]

[Solo Olivier]

C’est de cette façon qu’on endort un peuple